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You can benefit over 30 years of real world experience on some of the most challenging projects working in the most challenging environments that the private and public sectors have to offer.  Help tune your business operations with professional process and project management solutions.

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Wrestling Gators

In Wrestling Gators, you will learn
•How government really works.
•How good people are seduced by the political swamp.
•What happens when one attempts to drain the swamp.
•How we can restore our faith in government.

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The best Politics books of all time

IT Roadmap: Professional Service Firms

The only book of its kind, the IT Roadmap is a plan of action for Professional Services Firms wary of jumping onto the information superhighway without a map of where they are going. Readers will be provided with a simple yet effective approach for defining a strategy for incorporating information technology in support of their business operations.

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